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  1. Accounts and Billing 

    1. Create Your Account
    2. Update Billing Information
    3. Forgot Your Password
  2. Advanced Reporting Options 

    1. How to Create Benchmark, Consolidated and Franchise Reports
    2. Mapping the Chart of Accounts for Consolidated or Franchise Reports
    3. How to Generate Blind-Labeled Benchmark Reports
    4. How to Generate Blind-Labeled Consolidation or Franchise Reports
  3. Features 

    1. Using the Budget Wizard
    2. Setting Up Your KPIs
    3. Using the KPI Generator
    4. Building and Managing Scenarios
    5. Using Three-Way Cashflow Forecasting
  4. Getting Started 

    1. Adding (Syncing) a Company
    2. Getting Started with our NEW Set-up Wizard
    3. Selecting Your Preferred Language
    4. Adding a User
    5. Categorizing the Chart of Accounts
  5. Marketing with ProfitSee 

    1. Selling Your Proactive Advisory Services with ProfitSee
    2. How to Talk to Your SME Clients About Your Services
    3. Branding Guide for Financial Professionals
  6. Mobile App 

    1. Setting up the My Financials App
    2. Using the Business Owner Features
    3. Using Messaging in My Financials
  7. Reporting Options 

    1. How to Generate PDF Reports
    2. Customizing PDF Reports
    3. Create Your Own Report Template
    4. Automating PDF Reports
    5. Creating a Client Dashboard
  8. Sync 

    1. Syncing a Xero File
    2. Syncing a QB Online (QBO) File
    3. Synch client company manually
  9. All articles 

    1. Deleting a Company File from ProfitSee
    2. Using the Budget Wizard
    3. Setting up the My Financials App
    4. How to Generate PDF Reports
    5. Classes and Tracking Categories in ProfitSee Enterprise
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