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How to Create Benchmark, Consolidated or Franchise Reports

ProfitSee now allows you to add new, advanced reporting options to your clients' company files. These reports can be added to any or all of your clients, and allow you to run unlimited, unique reports to see how one company file compares to another.



  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and click "Create a Report" from the left-hand navigation panel.

  2. Select the report type you wish to create and click "Next":



3.  Create a Report Name, select the Fiscal Year Start Month and Currency, then click "Create":



4.  Read the Set-Up Wizard instructions then click "Continue".

5.  Chose "Select Companies" then click "Next". Utilizing "Filter Companies" requires additional integration. Please contact Support if you wish to use this feature.



6.  A list of all the company files that you currently have synced in to ProfitSee will appear. Check mark the boxes on the left to select the specific companies you would like to include in this report then click "Add Companies":



7.  Click "Finish" to generate the new report.*

*Note: Once you have created a Consolidated or Franchise report, you will need to map the chart of accounts. For instruction on mapping, please see "Mapping the Chart of Accounts for Consolidated or Franchise Reports".