How to Generate Blind-labeled Benchmark Reports

ProfitSee allows you to compare multiple company files against each other by utilizing our Benchmark, Consolidated or Franchise advanced reporting options. Show your clients their performance in relation to their peers quickly and easily!

Create Blind KPI Benchmark Reports

  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the Benchmark report you want to view KPIs for. 

  2. Click on "KPI Benchmark" to see the KPI comparisons. To change which KPI you are viewing, simply click on the desired ratio in the box to the left of the graph.



3.  In the "Show All Company Name", you are able to see all company names in the report, as shown in the screenshot above. To blind-label this report instead, select a specific company from the drop-down menu by clicking on it. In the example below, we have selected to view "CHICAGO Dry Cleaners" only:





4.  Click the printer icon at the top right-hand of the chart and select "Generate PDF" to create the blind-labeled report for this KPI. The resulting report is ready to be downloaded or emailed.