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Mapping the Chart of Accounts for Consolidated or Franchise Reports

After creating a new Consolidated or Franchise Report, you'll be prompted to set-up a standard chart of accounts for the report. This standard chart of accounts is a consolidated chart of accounts, which merges the COAs of each company into one.

Chart of Accounts set-up process:

After selecting which company file to use as the standard COA, click on"Next" to continue on to mapping.  




Once you've selected the standard chart of accounts, you'll be asked to map the accounts of each of the franchise's companies to the standard chart of accounts.**Please make sure to recategorize these accounts before mapping, as well.**


The screenshot below depicts the user interface for the mapping process:




The column on the left shows the chart of accounts for a specific company file, while the column on the right shows the standard chart of accounts. You can map the company file's accounts to the standard chart of accounts by simply dragging-and-dropping accounts from the left to the corresponding accounts on the right. Grey accounts on the left indicate that this account has already been mapped, while black accounts still need to be mapped.

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 1.29.05 PM


We also have a toggle option to help you easily identify which accounts have yet to be mapped to ensure that you have mapped the Chart of Accounts correctly. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 1.29.14 PM

Alternatively, you can use the"Automerge"button to map individual COAs to the standard chart of accounts. Clicking this button automatically assigns accounts from the company file to the same account in the standard chart of accounts. When utilizing this option, be sure to verify all accounts were mapped correctly! If necessary, utilize the drag-and-drop functionality to properly re-map any errors.