Balance Sheet

This article will focus on the Balance Sheet within the Financials Tab and the functionality available at your fingertips.

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1. To access the Balance Sheet in ProfitSee, head to the Financials tab and the fourth section after the Analyst™ is the Balance Sheet. 

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2. The first option you have is to choose the Reporting Date of the Balance Sheet. 

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3. The next option you can select is the Comparison Date to view the Balance Sheet from a different period compared to the Reporting Date. 

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4. Once you've chosen your preferences, simply click the Load Report icon to view the results. 

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5. You can also toggle between viewing the Balance Sheet in a report or chart option. 

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6. In the Report view, you can collapse or expand the account groups depending on the level of detail you want to see. 

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7. Another option is to decide whether or not you want to include empty accounts in the Balance Sheet. 

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8. When you are ready to share the report with your client you can generate and print a PDF or Excel version right here in the Financials tab. 

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9. If you are meeting with your client remotely and screen-sharing, you have the option of viewing in Full Screen Mode when in ProfitSee or the client dashboard. 

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Thanks for reading! Now you know how to utilize the functionality within our Financials Tab to generate and view the Balance Sheet in a variety of different ways. If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated account manager or reach out to us at