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Company Dashboard Guide

The company dashboard shows you everything you need to effectively manage the company in just a minute or two. See current trends, compare performance against the budget, and check out more sophisticated insights in the "Did You Know" section.


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In this article we will discuss the features in the company dashboard and how this screen will become your base for providing advisory services to each client. 



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1. Account History 

In this section, you are able to view a sparkline showing income versus expenses in a summarized or detailed view for the past three years. 

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2. Good News/Bad News

In this section, you are able to see if any of the line items in the P&L are over or under budget and by how much.

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It is also organized to list all of the good and bad variances separately, such as COGS exceeding the plan, so that you can quickly see what's performing well and what could be improved.

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Customize the insights being delivered in the News section by adjusting the acceptable variance in relative or absolute terms in the Financials Tab under the Analyst. 

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3. Cashflow 

In this section, you are able to compare the current cashflow on a year-to-date or monthly basis with the previous year. 

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4. Net Income 

In this section, you are able to compare the actual and forecasted year-to-date or monthly net income. 

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5. Did You Know?

In this section, you will be notified of up to 15 actionable insights on the company's performance and future direction that you can bring up in conversation during your next meeting. These insights can be simplistic in nature, such as pointing out if there are any overdue invoices or empty line items in the CoA. 

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They can also be future-driven, such as how much additional revenue we would need over the next few months to eliminate negative cashflow. 

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The company dashboard not only allows you to easily stay on top of what's happening in the company and make sure nothing falls through the cracks, but it also gives you conversation starters to discuss with your business client. At ProfitSee we know the value you provide to business owners is in interpreting the information and delivering proactive guidance, not just fancy dashboards and colorful reports. 



Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please contact your dedicated account manager or reach out to us at support@myprofitsee.com