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Creating a Client Dashboard

ProfitSee allows you to create a fully branded, customizable dashboard for your clients to access. The client dashboard can be white-labeled so your clients see your firm's logo when they log in.





To create a client dashboard:

  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the company file you wish to grant your client access to.
  2. Click on "Reports" on the left-hand navigation panel and select "Client Dashboard".
  3. Click "Create Client Dashboard":



4. Enter the email address of the client who will be using this client dashboard and click "Continue". This email address will be the client's username for log in purposes.



5. Add the following information for this client dashboard user and then click "Save":
a) Password
b) First Name
c) Last Name
d) Branding (If you have not already uploaded your firm's logo, see Adding Your Own Branding)
e) Check the box next to "Send Email Notification" to email the client regarding access to this dashboard



6. Next select the permissions you are allowing this user in the client dashboard and click "Save". You can grant access to as many or few features as are appropriate, and elect to allow read-only or editing rights for the user. Please note that any changes this user makes will then be reflected in your advisor dashboard, as well.



7. Now that you have created a client dashboard, simply provide your client with the necessary login credentials. You can direct them to the client login website (https://myclient-login.com/)*, or provide access from your own website by adding the iFrame HTML Code we provide.


8. You can find the iFrame HTML Code to embed the myclient-login.com portal on your website within the 'Show Instructions' Button. This code can be copy and pasted into your website back end to provide an easy way for clients to access their dashboard and data from your website!

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 2.15.07 PM


*Please note that your clients will NOT be able to access their dashboards through the ProfitSee website. They must login at https://myclient-login.com


Thanks for reading! Your clients are really going to enjoy what you're creating for them and most importantly, who made it for them. If you have any further questions about using the client dashboards please contact your dedicated account manager, or reach out to us at support@myprofitsee.com.