Using the Sales Wizard

You can make better pricing and sales decisions with the Sales Wizard. This feature allows you to see how lowering your margin to make the next big sale will affect the business' cash flow.

Note: Please be sure that you have created a budget for your company before using the Sales Wizard.


  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the company file you want to use the Sales Wizard for.

  2. Click "Tools" in the left-hand navigation panel.

  3. Click the "Reset" button to the right of the Gross Margin selector. Doing this will automatically set the gross margin to your current gross margin, which is calculated based on your historical and current spending.



4.  Enter the date the sale will be made in the "Sale Date" selector.

5.  Enter the date the payment will be made in the "Delivery Date" selector.

6.  To adjust the potential Sales Amount and updated Gross Margin, enter specific values in the appropriate boxes, or simply move the slider bars to the desired values.



7.  Adjusting the sales and gross margin amounts allow you to see how adjusting your margins to make a sale will affect your cashflow. You can view this information in the summary boxes, the graph beneath the settings, or in cashflow chart - view by clicking "Show Sale Chart":





8.  Continue adjusting the sales and gross margin amounts until you achieve pleasing results.