Setting Up Your KPIs

To give you better insights into a company's performance, ProfitSee offers a variety of the most commonly utilized financial KPIs pre-built into the product.

Adjusting these standard metrics for specific client needs is easy and can be completed in minutes! For information on creating custom KPIs for financial and non-financial metrics, please see "Using the KPI Generator".


Setting Up Your KPIs


KPIs are calculated based on account assignments. For example, the "Current Ratio" is calculated based on "Current Assets/Current Liabilities". On initial sync, ProfitSee tries to determine which accounts are "Current Assets" and which are "Current Liabilities" and will assign the accounts to the appropriate fields. 



To edit the KPI Field assignment:

  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the company file you want to work with.

  2. Click "KPIs" on the left-hand navigation panel to open the KPI section.

  3. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the KPI you wish to edit:



4.  If any pertinent accounts are missing from the account assignments on the right, simply drag and drop from the left to the appropriate box on the right to add an account. Likewise, if any extra accounts are present in the account assignment boxes on the right, highlight the account then click the "x" to remove it from the calculation.



5.  Click "Save" when you are done editing a given KPI.

6.  Repeat steps 2 - 4 for any or all KPIs to ensure the account assignments fit the needs for this company file.


Setting Target Values and Limits


When you first open the KPI section in ProfitSee, the overview allows you to immediately see which KPIs are healthy and which are not. The status is calculated based on limits you can set and adjust. Initially, ProfitSee automatically sets limits for certain KPIs that are typical for most SMEs. To edit (or set) these limits, click on the KPI name or the chart icon on the right.



The KPI chart will open, which allows you to edit or set your limits for this KPI based on industry standard or client need. You can set or update the limits and target value in one of two ways: by either dragging the upper limit, lower limit and target value lines to the desired values, or by entering the desired values in the boxes on the right. When you are done editing your limits, click"Save".



Setting Notifications


ProfitSee also offers a notification service in the event that one of your KPIs falls outside of its set upper and lower limits. To activate notifications for a particular KPI, simply check the"Notify"box and click"Save". If ever you decide you no longer need the notification, simply uncheck the box and click"Save" to deactivate it.


Please note that you need to check this box for each individual KPI you wish to receive notifications on. If one of your KPIs scheduled for notification hits the threshold, you will receive an automated email similar to this one: