Upload Budget by Spreadsheet

  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the company file you wish to upload a budget for.
  2. Click on "Budgeting"on the left-hand navigation panel and select "Budget Data Entry".
  3. Click "Import Spreadsheet".

    budget 1
  4. Click "Download Template".
    budget 2
  5. Change the Fiscal Year and the companies Fiscal Year Start Month on the excel sheet page 1.
    budget 3
  6. Enter items, select account-type and data on page 2- Data Sheet For Importer.

    * Note that the account name and account type must exactly match with your chart of accounts.
    In this screenshot we have one account called "Commission Expense" and it is of the account type "Cost of Goods Sold". The account types will show up in American English and might be slightly different for the ProfitSee-App Language. In doubt, please switch the ProfitSee-UI to American English and double check.

    budget 4

  7. Save after finish entering data.
  8. Go back to the "Import Spreadsheet popup" (Repeat step 1-3), click "Upload", and select the worksheet.

    budget 5
    Remember to select the correct fiscal year on the right top of the app then you will see the budget you have uploaded. 
    budget 6