Upload Budget by Spreadsheet

In this article, we will go over how to upload a budget from a spreadsheet.

  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the company file you wish to upload a budget for.
  2. Click on "Budgeting"on the left-hand navigation panel and select "Budget Data Entry".
  3. Click "Import Spreadsheet".

    budget 1
  4. Click "Download Template".
    budget 2
  5. The downloaded file matches the fiscal year you were in at the moment you downloaded the template and also matches the Chart of Accounts that was imported from your data provider into ProfitSee.
    Budget_Import Spreadsheet_01
  6. Enter the desired data into the spreadsheet and save the changes.

    * Note that you can only use this particular spreadsheet for the company you downloaded it for. It will not work for any other company, even if the chart of accounts matches perfectly.

    Budget_Import Spreadsheet_02

  7. Go back to the "Import Spreadsheet popup" (Repeat step 1-3), click "Upload", and select the worksheet.

    Budget_Import Spreadsheet_03
  8. You will only see the budget you have uploaded, if you are still in the same fiscal year on the right top of the app. 
    budget 6