Using The Budget Wizard

ProfitSee instantly analyzes your financials to automatically build a recommended budget based on trends, seasonality, anomalies and more.


Generating a Budget

  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the company file for which you need to build a budget.

  2. Click the "Budgeting" tab on the left-hand navigation panel to open the Budget Wizard.

  3. Click "Generate new budget":

Using BW 1



4. Select the year you want to create a budget for and click "Generate" to automatically create a budget!

using BW 2


Modifying a Budget by Month


  1. Within the Budget Wizard, click on the "Monthly Forecast" section of the line item you wish to modify to open a table that you can edit. The first two lines of this table will be the actual monthly values from the previous two years, while the third line will be the budget values for the current year. Only this line of budgeted values can be edited.

using BW 3


2. Update monthly budget values as appropriate based on upcoming sales/expenses, mid-year shifts and other factors by simply entering a new value in the box(es).

3. Click "Save" to automatically update your budget based on these changes.


Modifying a Budget by Trend


  1. Within the Budget Wizard, click the "Trend" button to the right of the line item you wish to adjust based on trends in the business.

  2. Enter the percent increase or decrease you are expecting for this line item:



3. Click "Save" to update the budget with this change.


Create a Budget by Uploading a Spreadsheet

To learn about using the Budget Spreadsheet Upload options, please click here.