Using The Business Owner Features

Easily stay in tune with the information at your clients' fingertips by opening your own view of the mobile app!

Once you've set your clients up with access to their financial information with the My Financials mobile app, how can you see what they see?


Opening the Client's View


  1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the company file you want to view the mobile app for.

  2. Click the "Switch to Client's View" button on the upper right of your screen and select the client:



3.  Click on the link "Open Clients View in a new Tab" from the pop-up that appears:



4.  You are taken directly to your own view of the client's mobile app.



Using the Business Owner Features



Within the My Financials mobile app, business owners can quickly access instant insight into their finances with features such as: MTD/YTD Revenue, Cash on Hand, Account History, Breakeven and Money Overview. Although these features present information regarding the business' performance based on the actual data present in ProfitSee, the mobile app also includes dynamic tools.



Pay Myself

The "Pay Myself" feature is present in both the basic and advanced version of the My Financials mobile app. Business owners can quickly and easily determine how much revenue they need to make in order to pay themselves a certain amount.

  1. Click "Edit" in the "Pay Myself" box in the mobile app:


2.  Move the top slider to the amount the business owner wants to get paid this month and the second slider to the amount of payables they will submit this month:



3.  Click "Save" to calculate how much Revenue must be generated this month in order to allow the business owner to pay theirself the desired wage:




Business owners with access to either the basic or advanced version of My Financials are able to send messages to you, and receive messages from you, directly in the mobile app! For more information on this feature, see "Using Messaging in My Financials".

Goal Setting and Notifications

Users who have been granted access to the advanced version of My Financials have the capability to set their own individual goals and receive automatic alerts. Any goals set up by the business owner run every day, on a real-time basis, with outcome reported in the notifications section.

  1. Click "Goals" from the navigation panel:

2.  Click "Create New Goal" to start setting up a new goal:


3.  Fill in the appropriate boxes then click "Create Goal":




4.  The new goal now appears in the "Goals" section:



5.  Monitor the status of goals at any time using the key below:



6.  Automatic alerts provide a snapshot of goal performance. Click "Notifications" any time a new alert is indicated:



7.  New alerts appear pink, while alerts that have previously been read appear white:



8.  Click on an alert to view the snapshot of a particular goal's performance: