Adding (Syncing) a Twinfield Company

Adding one or multiple Twinfield company files into your ProfitSee account takes just a few minutes!

1.  Log into your ProfitSee account and click on “Add a Company” in the left-hand navigation panel.

2.  Select the appropriate license type for the company file, and then click "Next":



** Optional: Click “Add” to select the type of additional reporting options you would like to include. You can add Benchmark, Consolidated or Franchise Reporting options to any or all of your client files. This allows you to run unlimited unique reports to see how one company compares to another.

add 1


3.  Click “Next” if you do not require additional advanced reporting options for  this client.

4.  Select Twinfield as the Data Provider.



5.  Select "Add Twinfield Account".

6.  Log into your Twinfield User account.
* please note that Twinfield allows only one log in at a time per user, so you may want to create a new user account to sync your file if you have multiple people accessing the same Twinfield user.

7.  Select Allow when asked if you would like to allow ProfitSee to access your Twinfield account. 
* if you do not allow us access, we cannot sync your data into your ProfitSee account


8.  Select the company file you would like to pull into ProfitSee.
* please note that ProfitSee has a one-way data integration, so anything you change in ProfitSee will not be reflected in your accounting file.


9.  Select Submit and you will automatically be taken back to ProfitSee and your data sync will start.