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Adding Your Branding, Logo, and Color Scheme

In ProfitSee, you can upload your own company logo and customize to your business's color scheme for the client dashboard to fit your company theme best.





Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click “Preferences” on the right hand upper corner
  2. Click “Manage Brandings”



3. Create a Name and Label for your new company

4. Upload “Dashboard Logo” and “ Report Logo”

5. Click “Save” and the uploaded logo will be shown


If you wish to edit colors for client dash board you can:


  1. Checked the “Include Color Scheme” box
  2. Click “Show Advanced” (Optional)
  3. Select the color from the available color palette
  4. To preview your design, click “Preview Color Scheme”


If you wish to use custom fonts for your report you can:


  1. Click “Add a new font” to upload your preference and select that for your report Title and Body



2. Click “Save”


After finishing creating client dashboard, you can select the branding for them under "Reports" – "Client Dashboard".