Create Your Account

Creating an account with ProfitSee is easy!

To create your ProfitSee account:


  1. Visit our website:

  2. Click on either "Trial" or "Start a Trial":




3.  You will than be asked to schedule time with one of our Partner Success Representatives.

Schedule a time to talk with a representative prior to free trial.


  1. Click "Schedule Your Trial Start With Our Team":



2.  Select the representative that most closely matches your international location.



3.  Select a time that works well with your schedule, to have a initial conversation. 




4. Following this conversation an email will be sent that will provide you with the availability to start your trial.

5.  Click the "Start your 14-day trial" link.

6.  To create your ProfitSee account:

a. Select whether you would like to sign up using $USD or $AUD:


b. Fill in your name, email address, phone number and organisation, followed by your Shipping information including Country and State name then click "Place My Order".


c. Create a password for your ProfitSee account and click "Change Password".

d. When you are redirected to ProfitSee, read through and "Accept" the End-User License Agreement to complete the creation of your ProfitSee account:


e. You can now start adding company files and using ProfitSee.