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Getting Started with our NEW Set-up Wizard

Our step by step Set-up Wizard guide makes your life easier! To use ProfitSee and get the best experience, it is necessary to follow the steps provided in the setup wizard.


Getting Started!

Once you have synced in your company file, you will notice a new "Getting Started“ column on the right hand side of the Company Dashboard. This four step tutorial walk through will help you easily get your clients set up and start providing valuable insights, instantly!

getting start



  1. Build a Budget: Clicking here will take you directly to ProfitSee's Budget Wizard. Simply click "Generate new budget" and select the desired fiscal year to automatically create a budget for your client. Completing this step allows you to easily identify areas that are performing poorly compared to expectations. Information on building or modifying budgets is also available for you here
  2. Set-up your Branding: This step brings you to the "Branding" pop-up where you can add your company name and logo, or even your clients' company name and logo. Create as many brands as you'd like, then choose the best option when generating reports, client dashboards or the mobile app! For more detailed instructions on setting up branding, please click here.
  3. Create a Report Template: Completing this step gives you the ability to create truly customized reports for your clients so you are providing exactly the information that matters to them. Select one of the brands you created in Step Two for each custom report you template you set up, and even schedule these reports for automatic generation and delivery. Further instruction on creating templates and automating reports is available by clicking the following link
  4. Manage KPI Settings: Clicking here will bring you to the "KPIs" section and introduce a brief tour of the features and capabilities ProfitSee offers for monitoring metrics. Set target values, upper and lower limits, and even opt to be notified when your clients fall outside these limits so you know as soon as a problem arises! See additional information on setting up your KPIs or using our KPI generator.


As you complete each step above, you will notice the progress bar fill up. Once you have completed all four steps and the progress bar reaches 100%, you will be able to close out this "Getting Started" guide. You've now successfully automated the basic ProfitSee features for your clients so you can spend more time providing them with proactive advice! 

For further information on additional features available in ProfitSee, please visit our online support portal.