Integrated Support Portal Search

In ProfitSee you can now search for Support Articles directly in the app meaning you are able to follow instructions while you navigate through.

  1. Start by clicking “Support” on the right side next to the Logout button.


2. An integrated window with the search field will open.


3. Type a search term to display articles with matching results.


4. Choose the Support Article you want to read. The article opens in the integrated window, so you can read the article and follow instructions step by step.


5. If you want to open the article in a new window, click “Open”. You can easily move the pop-up with the drag-and-drop function. If the article you are reading does not answer your question, you can click “Back” and pick another article from the results or repeat the search with the new term.



6. If you want to search by category, click “Support portal” and a new tab with the Support Portal will open. If you want to contact our Support Team, click “Contact support”. A small window will open and you can type in your message directly.