Manage Strategy: Cash Infusions

ProfitSee’s Three-Way Cash Flow forecast doesn’t only allow you to generate three-year cash flow forecasts, but also enables you to add strategies to the forecast. Learn how to modify the forecast by adding an upcoming investment to the forecast.

Before starting to add strategies, make sure you already created a baseline projection. For more information please read the article Using Three-Way Cash Flow Forecasting.
  1. To add a strategy, go to the Forecasting tab, choose the 3-Way Cashflow Forecast and click on “Manage Strategy”. Our pre-built templates appear, and you can choose the strategy you would like to add.
    Manage strategy

  2. To see the impact on the cash flow forecast by a cash investment, click on “Cash Infusions” and then “Add Strategy”.
    Add Strategy-1

  3. Add a description of the investment and set the start and end month.
    Cash Infusion_01

  4. Choose the frequency (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, halfyearly or yearly) and the amount of the cash coming in. Then click “Save”.

    Cash Infusion_02
  5. Now you are able to see the strategies you created in this category and edit or delete them easily by clicking on the corresponding symbol. You can also activate or deactivate them depending on whether you would like to include them into to forecast or not.
    Cash Infusion_04

  6. Compare the cash on hand without and with the cash infusion to see the impact of the infusions.

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