Manage Strategy: Scenarios

ProfitSee’s Three-Way Cash Flow forecast doesn’t only allow you to generate three-year cash flow forecasts, but also enables you to add strategies to the forecast. Learn how to modify the forecast by adding the What-if Scenarios to it.

Before starting to add strategies, make sure you already created a baseline projection. For more information please read the article Using Three-Way Cash Flow Forecasting.

  1. To add a strategy, go to the Forecasting tab, choose the 3-Way Cashflow Forecast and click on “Manage Strategy”. Our pre-built templates appear, and you can choose the strategy you would like to add.
    Manage strategy

  2. To add the What-if Scenarios to your forecast, click on “Add Scenarios”.
    Add Scenarios_01

  3. A pop-up window with all the scenarios you created in the scenario tab appears and you are able to choose single scenarios or whole projects to add to the forecast.
    Add Scenarios_02

  4. Once you’ve chosen the scenarios you would like to include, click “Close and Save” and your scenarios will be automatically added to the forecast.
    Add Scenarios_03

  5. If you still haven’t created the scenario you need, you can just click on “Create new scenarios” and you will be redirected to our Scenario Wizard.
    Add Scenarios_04

Add Scenarios_05

For more information on how to build a scenario, click here.


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