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How to Talk to Your SME Clients About Your Services

Below you will find example text that outlines how to present advisory services to your small and mid-sized business clients. It is important to modify and adjust this messaging as necessary to fit your company’s messaging, branding, and mission.

Presenting the overarching idea of services

Based on what needs your clients have and specific pain points they suffer from, the general messaging may need to be modified. Please feel free to adjust based on your niche, your clients’ interests, and their driving motivations. You should work your headline and general company messaging into these statements.

As a business owner, you do your best work when you can focus fully on running your business. Worrying about finances shouldn’t take up your time and energy, leave the business planning to us, and together we can grow your business!

We understand that your company is unique and has different financial needs. We create unique service offerings for what matters most to you. Whether you’re only interested in monthly management reports or complex budgeting, monitoring, and future-driven planning, we can get your business where you want to be.

As we work together, we will define what your goals are, and create a proactive strategy that gets you there. Maybe you want more free time to spend with your family, or have been dreaming about going on a specific vacation. Maybe you want to create a business that your children will inherit one day. Or maybe you are looking to make more money so that you can afford to enroll your children in dance class, music lessons, or team sports. Whatever your true goals are, we can help you accomplish them.

[This would be a good place for a client testimonial on how you helped them be more successful, hire more employees, and achieve their dream of going on vacation/signing Susie up for ballet and getting Timmy into little league.]

Talking about different services available

Depending on what you currently offer/ are looking to expand to offer, these will change and not all of them may be relevant. These are suggestions as starting points. If you offer “packages” it may be better to discuss services as a collection that are offered in each “level”. If you need help with specific messaging on service offerings please contact marketing@myprofitsee.com.

Financial Analysis

Let [Your Company name] help you grow your business by tracking performance against historical and real-time financial information.  Historical information allows us to see where your company has been, in order to help you grow for the future. Real-time data makes it easy to monitor your company on a daily basis and address problems before they become critical.

Smart Budgeting

Allow us to do the dirty work of analyzing your historical finances to create an estimated budget. We call it “smart” budgeting because we dig in deep to find trends and how seasonality affects your finances. A dynamic, unique budget that fits your business makes a huge impact for future planning and staying on track.

Management Reports

Financial statements can be daunting. Access all of your critical financial statements, in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format, whenever you want them. The P&L and Balance Sheet never show the full scope of your business and knowing which Key Performance Indicators really matter to your business can be tricky. Let us take on preparing your statements for you, with explanations on what they really mean.

Future Proof Your Business

Planning strategically for the future makes your company virtually future-proof. Our Three-Way Cash Flow Forecasts, What-If Scenarios, and Business Valuation help us advise you on business decisions that impact your financial future. Future-driven insights and forecasting is an important part of making your business successful long-term.

Benchmarking and Consolidation

If you own separate businesses, or your business has multiple locations, or even multiple income sources we can provide you with critical insights that make a difference.  Understand which factors make locations profitable, identify improvement factors, and more.  Make critical decisions based on real data and facts, not only gut feelings.

Instantly Access Your Information

With our Mobile App and Client Dashboards, you are able to access the information you really need to know wherever you are. You’ll never have to wonder how your business is doing or wait for monthly statements again. We strive to make your finances headache-free.

Create a Call to Action

Once you present the information and help them understand why they need your help, what help you can provide, it is important to tell them how to get your help. This can be as simple as a Contact Us link, or even a video that you collect contact information from to follow up.

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