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Selling Your Proactive Advisory Services with ProfitSee

Understanding Your Value

Capitalism is an economic system through the exchange of goods or services in which all parties in the trade believe that the value received is equal to or greater than the value offered.

In the simplest form, capitalism is nothing more than barter. Each party believes they received something that was worth more to them than what they offered. The key word in this statement is believe.

Nearly all transactions that take place in this country are based in barter. What types of groceries you buy, whose brand you buy, even where you buy it is all based on your own view of value. Marketing as a business discipline is based around creating a perception for a product or service, locating the trading partners, and exposing them to its value.

The first step to selling your advisory services to current and potential clients is to prove to them the value of what you are able to provide. And it is important to actually provide high value services when you engage in these trades. A company may make a greater profit short-term by engaging in “unequal” trades, gouging customers, underpaying employees, creating a terrible work environment, but these companies quickly lose clients and employees. The only way to truly prosper long-term is to engage in trades that are fair to all trading partners. Long-term prosperity comes from understanding how your offer in the trade improves their prosperity and by constantly seeking to increase the value of your offer.

The good news is that the tools in ProfitSee make it easy to provide real value to your clients’ businesses. By providing them proactive advisory services, you can increase their profitability and help them create a thriving, successful business. The 10 key steps to this are laid out in How Proactive Fiscal Management Builds Success in Business.

Starting off Simple

Convincing your clients of your value is not a simple task. Some clients are already experiencing pain in their finances, some know what they (think they) want based on research or what their other friends have, and some are blissfully ignorant to their options for increasing profitability.

If they are already struggling you have an easy way in by explaining how you can cure their pain point. This is going to be one of the easiest sells you’ll encounter. Someone who is already aware of their financial troubles, but wants advice on how to turn it around.

If they have done some research it can also be to your benefit. When a client’s friend is seeing success from proactive fiscal management services, they will most likely tell everyone who will listen about this amazing fix they found. If your client knows that help is possible, they will be more ready to accept the idea that you can provide value to their business.

If they are blissfully unaware it will be trickier. Business owners are apt to say “there’s money in the checkbook, so I’m good!” which makes proving your value much more difficult, but still worthwhile.

No matter where your client falls on this spectrum, the easiest place to start is with reporting. Financial reports are easy to send, easy to explain, and provide concrete evidence of how their business is doing. Even clients who think everything is fine may discover they have some financial problems lurking beneath the surface. The P&L and Balance Sheet don’t always show the full story. Just because there is money in the bank account, does not mean that the company is thriving.

Create a complete management report in ProfitSee with KPIs, historical analysis and real-time performance. Print this off, highlight any problem areas you find, and present this to your client. Being able to proactively spot problems is your first proof of value to clients.

Monthly reports can be white-labeled and automated through ProfitSee. Use the notes and comments section to draw attention to and highlight specific areas you see improvement or have concerns about.

More Than Just Reporting

This is the second step of the global trends we are seeing. Once you have mastered providing the Management Reports your clients want and need, they need insights, advice, and information for their businesses to thrive and prosper.

Why are these new services so necessary and desirable? Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. By proving them high-level insights, these businesses are more likely to be successful, and ultimately can change the global economy for the better.

Providing future-driven insights like three-way cashflow forecasting, what-if scenarios, and benchmark reporting gives clients a more successful and more stable financial future.

Adding Additional Clients

Now that you’re saving time through efficient tools and automated features, you will have more time to provide actual advice to clients, and more time to spend on new prospects.

ProfitSee creates efficiency in all aspects of your services. With automated and white-labeled reports, instant budget building, KPI notifications and alerts, client dashboards, mobile app, and more you can easily provide limitless services with ease!  

Creating efficiencies is one of the most effective ways of increasing your own profitability. And with ProfitSee, your increased efficiency and profitability in turn helps your clients thrive.

Marketing Your Services

What makes you different than another accounting firm? What passion drives you? How do you set yourself apart?

What you provide is valuable, but ensuring clients understand your value takes great marketing.  Marketing truly is sharing your story with the world, and presenting yourself in an appealing way.

One of your most valuable pieces of marketing is sharing your mission, vision, and values to clients. These are the motivating factors that keep you passionate about what you do. These are the core beliefs that you have in business. When clients share your motivation or can relate to your vision, they are inspired to do business with you.