Manage Strategy: Modify Monthly Revenue & Expenses

ProfitSee’s Three-Way Cash Flow forecast doesn’t only allow you to generate three-year cash flow forecasts, but also enables you to add strategies to the forecast. Learn how to modify forecasted monthly revenue and expenses.

Before starting to add strategies, make sure you already created a baseline projection. For more information please read the article Using Three-Way Cash Flow Forecasting.

Monthly Revenue

  1. To add a strategy, go to the Forecasting tab, choose the 3-Way Cashflow Forecast and click on “Manage Strategy”. Our pre-built templates appear, and you can choose the strategy you would like to add.
    Manage strategy
  2. To see the impact on the cash flow forecast of increasing or decreasing the monthly revenue, click on “Monthly Revenue” and then “Add Strategy”.
    Add Strategy
  3. Add a description of the revenue increment and by how much the revenue would increase per month.
    Monthly Revenue_01
  4. Add a start date and the time this new strategy would need to start increasing the revenue (Ramp up time).
    Monthly Revenue_02
  5. For Gross Margin you can choose between Average and Percentage. If you choose Average, it is calculated automatically
    Monthly Revenue_Average-Percentage

    If you choose Percentage, you need to insert a Percentage you would like to add to this strategy.
    Monthly Revenue_Percentage

  6. Once you are done inserting all the data needed, click on “Save”.

    Monthly Revenue_04

  7. Now you are able to see all of the strategies you created under this category and you can decide, whether you would like to include them into the forecast or not by adding or removing the checkmark in the space in front of the strategy. If you would like to edit the strategy, just click on the pencil symbol and the template with your data opens.

    Monthly Revenue_03

            Monthly Expenses

            1. To add a strategy to the category Monthly Expenses, choose this category and click on “Add Strategy”.
              Monthly Expenses_01
            2. Once again, a template opens, and you are able to insert the data. First insert a description. If you are planning to decrease the expenses, insert a negative number. If you are increasing your expenses, insert a positive number.
              Monthly Expenses_02_a
            3. Choose a start date and the duration of this change of expenses and then click “Save”.
              Monthly Expenses_02_b
            4. You are now able to see all of the strategies you created in this category and choose which strategies you would like to include into the forecast by clicking the space in front of them and adding the checkmark.
              Monthly Expenses_03
            5. Compare the forecast above with the forecast below, that is including your strategies.

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