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Customizing PDF Reports

ProfitSee offers more ways to customize your management reports than ever! You now have the ability to add in your own branding, choose a reporting date and build your own custom template based on what your clients really want to know.



Steps to Customize Your PDF Report:


1. Log into your ProfitSee account and open the company file for which you would like to generate a report.


2. Select the"Reports"tab along the left-hand side.


3. Click on"Customized Financial Report"to select it.


4. Select the branding you want presented on the report by clicking the drop down arrow in the"Branding"box and highlighting the desired brand:





NOTE: For more information about creating your own branding, please read the "Adding Your Own Branding" article.



5. Select the reporting date you need by clicking the calendar icon, or manually changing the date in the"Reporting Date"window:





6. Select a report template by clicking on the drop down arrow in the"Template"box and highlighting the desired template:




NOTE: For more information on creating your own templates, please read the "Create Your Own Report Template" article.



7. At this point, your customized PDF report is available to preview or download and print.