Statement of Cashflows

This article will focus on the Statement of Cashflows within the Financials Tab and the functionality available at your fingertips.

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1. To access the Statement of Cashflows, head to the Financials tab and the third section after the Analyst™ is the Statement of Cashflows. 

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2. The first option you have is to choose the Reporting Date of the Statement of Cashflows.

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3. The other option you have is to select the Period in which you would like to view the Statement of Cashflows in whether that be MTD, QTD, Rolling QTD, YTD, and Rolling YTD.

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4. Once you've chosen your preferences, simply click the Load Report icon to view the results. 

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5. You can also toggle the Statement of Cashflows between a report or chart viewing option. 

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6. In the Report view, you can include a Comparison Date to see the results compared against the Reporting Date. 

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7. In the Report view, you can collapse or expand the account groups depending on the level of detail you want to see. 

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8. Another option is to decide whether or not you want to include empty accounts in the Statement of Cashflows. 

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9. When you are ready to share the report with your client you can generate and print a PDF version right here in the Financials tab. 

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10. If you are meeting with your client remotely and screen-sharing, you have the option of viewing in Full Screen Mode when in ProfitSee or the client dashboard. 

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Thanks for reading! Now you know how to utilize the functionality within our Financials Tab to generate and view the Statement of Cashflows in a variety of different ways. If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated account manager or reach out to us at